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Running Orthos Caused my system to reboot

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Okay I'm running at 240 FSB @ 2.1volts and the loosest timings for the time being. and the CPU at 1.275volts


My CPU temps don't go above 50 degrees C and bling! my computer reboots


what's going on? Ram getting too hot? or chipset?


plz help!


What's the max voltage I can have for my memory w/o voiding the warrantee?

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I would say that you need to increase your CPU Core voltage a bit. Set it to 1.325 and test for stability. You can begin to lower it and test after you find the necessary core voltage for stability. There is no need to raise the Vdimm.


Your 6400C5 is warranted up to and including 2.1v.

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interesting note in bios readings of voltage


I've set the Vcore to 1.3375 but the bios reads it as 1.41!


whats going on?? how can I read it with a voltmeter instead of a stupid bios reading?


If you want a completely accurate reading then I agree you need to use a Voltmeter. Different motherboards have different layouts for reading the CPU core voltage in this way though in general there will be multiple stages of MOSFETS, and the last of which is followed by an inductor and a bank of capacitors. You can measure at the output leg of the inductor.




Or try a software solution from within Windows. Download CPU-z. What does the voltage read?



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