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Nautilus500 How Is It Doing For Everyone?


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I must admit I've been a fan of Corsair memory for sometime, and use it on my work box, and I have a Corsair PSU on my game box.


So naturally I was drawn to checking out the Nautilus500, seems cheap and easy to use.


What's the thoughts on this?


What about getting a leak with this thing too, that's what really scares me about all of this, and why I never consider using water cooling.



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Corsair has taken the consideration about your concerns as well as others dealing with any possible leaks. Did you know that external cooling units provide better protection from leaks inside of the compter? :biggrin:


If you want to jump into liquid cooling, an external cooling solution is idea. Only the two hoses and the seal tested clamps to the cold-block are inside the computer. :sunglasse


Another big plus of having an external cooling system is the ability to flush and drain the system easily when the regular 1 year maintance is required.


The quick-disconnects provide the ability for mobility as well.


The Naultius 500, like that of the HydroCool 200, are well thought out products; for either the simpliest person to the advance person for liquid cooling.





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It is my first water cooling setup. I don't regret getting it and has not let me down yet. No leaks and always has started right up. This unit has been transferred once from when I originally bought but as long as your careful and plan it wasn't a big deal. I lost very little fluid doing so. I didn't have to drain it while transferring.


My install notes here... https://home.comcast.net/~boogie1954/Nautilus500.htm

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I have 2 units set up on my test bench. I change the MOBOs, CPUs, setups, etc VERY frequently. The 500s are great units and keep my stuff very cool. They are proving durable also as much as I move them around. Almost everything in our regular lab is also on Nautilus cooling so we are torture testing them daily. They are passing with flying colors.
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Just a quick question. Building a new system, Intel QX6700, 2Gig XMS2 6400Pro memory, ThermalTake case (1 120mm input fan, 1 120mm exhaust fan). Using Intel stock cooler right now(note:Intel's directions mentioned nothing about thermal paste, there were three strips of what I assume was thermal compound on the bottom of the stock heatsink), but one task the PC will be doing in it's free time is SETI@Home. This will run all 4 cores at 100% while running.


Per ASUS' PCProbe, idle temp is about 17c, MB temp is 25c. As soon as SETI kicks in, CPS temp will rocket to 60c in roughly 3 minutes. This is the default warning temp for PCProbe. CPU fan speed 3900-4000RPM, chasis fans around 1400 RPM. Room temp is around 20c


Long winded build-up to the question: will the 500 provide enough cooling to allow the QX6700 to run at 100% for several hours at a time? No overclocking is planned right now, but it's not impossible if I can keep it cool.


Any help would be appreciated.




Scott Williams

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