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How to create a "hidden, password-protected partition on your Flash Voyager."


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Hello, have just bought flash voyager and am trying to partition the drive as it says you are able too, however the TrueCrypt software will only either create a "container file" or if i select 'device' will only allow me to make a secure partition the entire size of the flash disk.


I have seen much talk on website review pages etc but they all talk about the old software. Does any1 have any idea how to partially partition the disk to leave me two drives?

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I am trying to create 'a hidden, password-protected partition on your Flash Voyager' to quote your website and the very reason I purchased the drive, however the included program 'True Crypt' seems to only either create a 'container file' or make the whole flash disk encrypted. It does not seem to be able to make a password-protected partition on on the disk as you claim you can...


Is this correct?


There are many references to this on the forums and other websites and it seems that it WAS possible to do this with the old included software but now NOT with TrueCrypt so is it possible to download this old software?


Regards Paul




Info from TrueCrypt website which shows I need the old software:



Q: How can I use TrueCrypt on a USB flash drive?


A: You have two options:


1. Encrypt the entire USB flash drive. However, you will not be able run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive.


2. Create a TrueCrypt file container on the USB flash drive (for information on how to do so, see the chapter Beginner's Tutorial, in the TrueCrypt User Guide). If you leave enough space on the USB flash drive (choose an appropriate size for the TrueCrypt container), you will also be able to store TrueCrypt on the USB flash drive (along with the container – not in the container) and you will be able to run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive (see also the chapter Traveller Mode in the TrueCrypt User Guide)

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