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Voyage 1GB Writes at only 2MB/sec


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I just bought Flash Voyager 1GB, and I feel it writes extremely slow compared to my 256MB Voyager.

For comparison, writing 83 small files takes about 65 seconds in Voyager 1GB while it takes only 6 seconds with the 256MB version. The read speed is fast though. Using SiSoft 2005, the write speed is confirmed very slow at only 2143 Kb/sec, while the read speed is 17xxx Kb/sec. This is with normal partition.


I have tried with another computer (XP SP1) with NVidia chipset. Same problem. Fast reading, slow writing.


I have tried to format the drive, but no improvement.

Do I get a broken flashdisk ?

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I have your same problem, but to a lesser extent my 1GB driver Flash, alone reads to 8,9 mb/s when deberia to be


It bears velocities of reading of to 19MB/sec* Bears velocities of writing of to 13MB/sec*


PHOTO: http://img459.imageshack.us/img459/1701/xdag8.jpg


CHW: is a paginates Chilean that did a review



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I think I'm quite positive my Voyager is defective.

I tried EZRecover to format the drive, but it is not detected at all. EZRecover has no problem detecting my 256MB Voyager though.

The funny thing is the 1GB Voyager is detected by XP, and I can use it, but with a slow speed.


From the first time I bought this, I have a feeling there was a problem.

Sometimes when I left the device plugged in for 20-30 min, I suddenly lost access to the flash...something like "inaccessible" or anything. I unplugged and replugged, and everything was normal. I thought it was simply a connector issue. But now I'm quite convinced my Voyager is defective.

Tried numerous times, and still EZRecover can not detect it. Only my 256MB flashdrive works.

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The problem is that the producion Voyger flash driver this totally faulty one, and Corsair for spend not unnecessary money must have said if they demand we be replaced it if that be not screwed:evil: :evil:



My Pendriver Flash Voyager 1GB, =( more failed.



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There must be something really wrong from factory with Voyager 1GB.

Either they silently changed the spec, or use a different (cheaper) chipset for their current production of 1GB Flash Voyager.


I just returned the product directly to the sole distributor for Corsair product. The new one is totally sealed new, but guess what ?

The shop told me that my old 256MB is normal to be much faster than my 1GB because flashdisk has now become so cheap and expect me to understand the situation. He allowed me to change it this time, but do not expect me to hope too much for a change. This struck me as a confession that many people must have complaint & returned the product for the same problem.


Got home....testing.....same slow writing speed.


Here is the test result. Too hard for me to swallow this!


Single 150MB file

Voyager 256MB - 11 sec

Voyager 1GB (New) - 42 sec


21.7MB (109 files)

Voyager 256MB - 6 sec

Voyager 256MB (USB1.1) - 40 sec

VOyager 1GB (USB 2.0) - 98 sec

Voyager 1GB (USB 1.1) - do I still need to test ???


Explain that result! My old Voyager at USB 1.1 is still more than 2x the speed of Voyager 1GB at USB 2.0 High-Speed.


And another thing, EZ-Recover STILL DOES NOT RECOGNIZE this newly exchanged Voyager 1GB.

Then how am I supposed to make partition changes IF their own software does not recognize their own product ?


The reason I bought Corsair because I thought Corsair is realible, but I'm dying curious now.

I will buy Kingxxxx 1GB flashdrive tomorrow (which is much cheaper), just to compare.

If Kingxxxx 1GB also perform similarly, then I will not blame Corsair for this. I will accept the "cheap-price/competition vs market demand" reason.

If not, I will certainly become a complete fool this time.


The reviews in many sites are completely misleading, and they fail to reflect Corsair's current product quality.

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That it is not the problem, the problem is that Corsair promises a velocity and does not comply.


I fill the form to change it and they have accepted it me "RMA", I am from Chile and therefore itself that are all failed if it change in the store SYM gave me one worse, then needed to treat the theme directly with corsair.


Freetraslation com = (


Corsair ***********************:evil:

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I appreciate your offer, but unfortunately I don't live in US.

It looks like I'm not even allowed to make another RMA after "the soft warning" given by your distributor who was trying to convince me (note: with a very polite Colgate smile) that the extremely slow speed is normal, at least for this Voyager 1GB. And to prove it, he allowed me to exchange it with a message "you will not RMA again it if the new one is exactly the same".....and he proved to be 100% correct. I don't think I can argue with him this time because he has clearly put a gun on my head. Obviously, this is not the first time he received complaint. He has become a Pro.


There is nothing I could do now. I can't RMA, and I can't use it either.

I just have to pretend I never bought this Voyager 1GB, so that I can feel a little better. Or I can try to live with the fact that my Voyager is running at USB vers. 0.5.

Naaaahh, I will just buy a different one......not Corsair.


An irony :

There were at least 2 persons in our local computer forum who were seeking advice for the same problem with their 1GB Voyager several months before. Ironically, I read their posts and I even replied to give them technical advice because I was so convinced they only had driver problem. Why not ? My 256MB Voyager is proven to be a speed demon ! "Novice", I thought.

Well....I was wrong. They are right. Shame on me !!!

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  • Corsair Employees

I am looking into this and will get you a better answer ASAP.

But the flash industry is moving to MLC instead of SLC and MLC is slower but offers higher density. You can send me an email at ramguy@corsairmemory.com and put attention Ram Guy in the subject line and I will be happy to help you solve the problem personally, please include your name address and phone number.


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They have responded me this:


Please gave not reply directly to this e-mail ace this address is not monitored.


Corsair Technical Support there you are sent you to message regarding Marry #xxxx




We till sorry about the issues you till having. Your RMA there you are been approved and will be processed by our RMA department within 24-48 hours. If you gave not receive the RMA confirmation after 48 hours, please contact rma@corsairmemory.com with your Marry # and full name, and we help to resolves the issue. Please note that our Customer Service hours till Monday Thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Excluding Holidays; I am if its to weekend or holiday it may delay the response




Thank You!


This every OK not?

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  • Corsair Employees

Serville I went back thru re-read your posts,

In your test you are comparing a 256 Meg to a 1.0 Gig drive.

And there is no way you can justify this becasue of the way they are made the 1.0 Gig will be faster than a 256 Meg Voyager. But the flash industry is moving to MLC instead of SLC and MLC is slower but offers higher density.



I have answered you on your own thread please post in that thread so its not so confusing.

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I bought Kingxxxx Data Trvl U3 for comparison.

I admit that even Kingxxxx does not perform as well as I expected, but at least MUCH FASTER in handling small files, which most users likely use with a 1GB flash drive. Kingxxxx actually took longer to transfer large files than Corsair, but still acceptable. Here is the test results :


21.7MB (109) FILES :


KINGxxx U3 1GB (USB 1.1) - 52 sec

cORSAIR 1GB (USB 1.1) - 131 sec (worst)

OLD CORSAIR 256MB (USB 1.1) - 40 sec


KINGXXXX U3 1GB (USB 2.0) - 24 sec

CORSAIR 1GB (USB 2.0) - 98 sec (worst)

OLD CORSAIR 256MB (USB 2.0) - 6 sec




KINGxxxx U3 1GB (USB 1.1) - 187 sec (worst)

cORSAIR 1GB (USB 1.1) - 173 sec

OLD CORSAIR 256MB (USB 1.1) - 160 sec


KINGXXXX U3 1GB (USB 2.0) - 70 sec (worst)

CORSAIR 1GB (USB 2.0) - 42 sec

OLD CORSAIR 256MB (USB 2.0) - 10-11 sec


It is clear that the "SLC vs MMC" claim is true. It seems that even Kingxxxx U3 only use MMC, but perform much better than Corsair in general.


But let's not forget that Corsair claim a stunning 16MB/sec write, and in this forum 13MB/sec for Voyager USB 2.0 is considered the normal speed.


About SLC vs MMC, this forum has a sticky " Is the Flash Voyager product line SLC or MLC?

Answer: They are based on SLC!


All the reviews given by Corsair also points to the SLC part, which is clearly much faster than what they ACTUALLY sell currently.

Corsair even use the same model no, packaging, same rubber design, while actually using a different part in their current production line which causes a MAJOR change in the specifications. All the product information has become bogus, even in Corsair's own site. That is exactly my point.


I don't have any intention to discredit Corsair by what I said. It's just I was shocked to see how I got all the wrong information from Corsair's own site. I don't even know what I have just bought from Corsair. At the worst, I just hope it is still a flash drive, despite no software from Corsair (EZ-Recover or Corsair Flash Utility) can recognize it.


By the way, since the sticky clearly say Flash Voyager is based on SLC, which current model is it ?

I'm eyeing Patrixx Xportxx & OCx 2-4GB, and I wonder I also have option from Corsair.

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  • Corsair Employees
The industry is moving to MLC sorry I posted (MMC) by mistake. But yes it’s slower but will allow much higher density. We will address this soon but some of the sizes will be affected more than other because of the way they are built. 2 memory chips will be faster to a single chip and sometimes we cannot build it with two chips for that same reason.
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I just also find myself in the same situation now, since buying this memory (1GB version) an hour ago...


9files of 55MB in total took between 24 and 29 seconds to copy with an average writespeed of around 2,33MB/sec.

This cannot be acceptable!!!???

What is the official statement about this now from Corsair? Can I RMA and will I rest assure that I will get a higher performing unit the next time?


RMA'ing the memory and package handling costs will probably cost about the same as a new one, I live in France...


Best regards,


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