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need rma for bad memory

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I have tried calling many many times but I always get hung up on; apparently the phone number I have doesn't work. I have filled out the tech support bit at least once a day for the past week. I have bad ram and want it replaced. I am beginning to take the lack of response to my requests personally:mad: :mad: :mad: . Is the phone number I should be calling 888-222-4346? Finding a phone number to call on the corsair website is arduous.

If any one reads this who can do anything about my problem please let me know. I can't even boot the system with this bad module in.:mad:

And for some reason I can't get the tech support "express" to work.

Real sloppy operation.

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  • Corsair Employees

First off I am verry sorry for that we have had some problem with the phone line and that is the end results, again I do appoligize but its not us its Pac Bell.

Please try and call us on Monday morning after 8:00 AM Pacific time and I am sure the phone system will be back on line!

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