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RMA Process Stinks


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I received an RMA number in December and shipped the box out on December 20th via UPS with Tracking and Insurance on the package. Corsair received the package on December 21st. Its now January 4th and nobody from Corsair has called me to inform me about a delay or problem with my package.


This statement by Corsair is obviously false:





Replacement will be sent via 3-day shipping method. It will be processed by Corsair within 72 hours of when we receive it (usually sooner), or you will be contacted.



I have called Customer Support several of times and they can't help me. They have told me that nobody from the RMA department is there to answer my questions or get any information on my return.


I have left a Voicemail for a lady named Tina from the RMA department and found out that lady is no longer working for them. Why in the world would you have an active VM for somebody that does not work their anymore???


My real frustration is that nobody knows what's happenning and I can't get an answer on the delay on my RMA. I work from home in the evenings and I have been restricted to doing so by Corsair's receiving process.


Customer Services Technician have told several of times they would call me back and I have not had a call back once. Please don't tell your customers that you will call them back if your not going to.


I sent an email to warranty@corsairmemory.com on December 29th, after repeated attempts to get an answer via phone and no luck on an update.


Can anybody help me out on this matter please? I have attached my information below:


RMA#214202, here is the tracking information:


Tracking Number: 1Z 1R0 48Y 12 2034 969 5

Type: Package

Status: Delivered

Delivered on: 12/21/2006 9:26 A.M.

Signed by: SANABRIA

Location: DOCK

Delivered to: FREMONT, CA, US

Shipped or Billed on: 12/20/2006

Service Type: 3 DAY SELECT

Weight: .50 Lb


I hope to hear from you soon.



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