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RMA Request unanswered


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about three weeks ago I filed an RMA request for my RAM via Tech Support Express. As I didn't get an answer, I sent a mail with a filled-out RMA form. But since then I haven't heared from Corsair, so I write here.

Should I file the RMA request again?

I hope, someone can help me.




Andreas Bertits

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Ok, then I try it here again.


I have the TWINX2048-3200PRO. As Windows couldn't be installed with some weired error messages that said that some files couldn't be copied, I ran Memtest.

It produced thousands of errors.

I tried it with each memory stick separately. One produced no errors, the other thousands.

So I need an RMA.

Here are the part numbers:

CMX1024-3200Pro / XMS3200v5.1

CMX1024-3200Pro / XMS3200v4.4



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