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hi guys n girls

I did contact my supplier but they said to contact corsair so here goes


I run a ASUS A8N32-SLI Delux with a Nvidia 7900 Gt 256MB & Twinx2048-3500llpro

Current Bios See Attached (BIOS SET TO DEFAULT in the bios)


My problem is x2 i have to machines running exactley the same but i have not yet tested the other machines RAM


the other day i rebooted & all i got was

Boot Block Compatible Version Ver. 010

Bad BIOS Checksum. Starting Bios Recovery


so i put the MOBO dsk in & done what it told me to do so i did i rebooted & i get the same error again (it was recomended to me to remove a stick of ram)so removed a stick of ram then rebooted nothing so i swap the sticks over & it booted straight in to windows,

Now i have used memtest86+


First i done Stick A

test 2 got 4 error's

test 6 got 700 error's

test 7 got 55 error's

test 8 it crashed so to speak it got to the 100% then it just kept going up i stoped the test on 250%


Second Stick B

test 4 got 2 error's

test 6 got 696 error's

test 7 got 53 error's

test 8 yet again crashed


i now have both stick's back in the machine i did run the memtest86+ with both stick in & again it crashed on test 8.


I also get two & some time i get 1 system beep while the machine is running in windows.

these go alt times throught the time the pc is running.


Many Thank's Bong-Master


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CAS Latency (tCL): 2.0

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3 CLK

Row Precharge (tRP): 2 CLK

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6 CLK

Command Rate: Cant find


Memory Voltage: 2.60 (could not find in bios but used the ASUS AiBooster)


There is 2 img below of my monitor were were there is loads of lines then my pc shut down is this memory,video ??



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Nope still can not find Command Rate:


i looked throught the manual in section 4.4.3 witch is the jumper free configuration.


i have now read the manual from front to back & there is nothing saying about Command Rate.


One thing i dident add was the my board is the A8n32-Sli Deluxe (dose this make a diffrence ?)

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it would appear that there is nothing rong with the ram now i disable legacy USB run the test 7hr 56 min 10 passes 0 Errors


i guess ill have to look in to the GFX card & the CPU Many thanks for you help Ram Guy


Iam now testing my other machine's Ram with legacy USB disable if i get any error's on that 1 i will be back so to speak :eek:

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