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What motherboards are compatible with TWINX2048RE-3200


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I recently bought a pair of these and consequently found I could not use them with my Pentium system. I plan to list them on Ebay, but I want to be sure the next buyer does not make the same mistake as I did....or if I decide to build a system around them, I need to know what my options might be.


So far, I've been able to figure out that this Registered memory will work in socket 940 boards ....would that be all 940 boards or just certain ones? The person I bought them from said he was using an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe from an Alienware machine, but I've seen posts here that the socket 939 is incompatible with this memory.


My list so far includes:


Tyan K8WE

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe (maybe?)


Can anyone guide me to other possible motherboards?



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This memory kit of Corsair Twinx2048RE-3200 Dual Channel Registered ECC PC3200 400MHZ DDR was created especially for the AMD FX-Series processor and for Server based systems.


The FX (of that time) and the Server based systems were fitted to a socket 940 form factor. You should be able to run this dram on any socket 940 systems or systems that are able to use Registered DRAM.

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