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Need to add more memory


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Motheboard is Asus P4P800. Since 2003 I've been running the system with Corsair's TWINX 1024-3200LL and configured as SPD. No problems so far.

But now running applications like Photoshop and DVD editing/authoring it seems that there is need for more memory. I looked everywhere for the same memory but with no luck. I found TWINX 1024-3200 but not "LL"

I need to have 2GB of memory..that means I have to add 1 GB (TWINX 1024)

and I don't wanna lose the dual channel. What should I get? Please help me.

Thank you, Zanoaga

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Thanks for your reply. Paying more attention I noticed you reffered to XMS type. After reading your reply I run CPU-Z and here is what it says about my memory

Slot 1: CMX512-3200LL and

Slot 2: just the same (since I bought it as a kit)

As I mentioned I run the system on SPD and CPU-Z says:

Latency 2.5

RAS to CAS: 3

RAS Precharge: 2

Tras: 6


CMX is similar to XMS ? I ask this with the hope that I don't have to replace what already have and just I might be able to add more memory (with similar specs without jeopardizing the double channel) from what is now on the market.

Hope you will reply to this one and I thank you in advance,


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