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Did RMA over the phone but never got e-mail confirmation


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:(: I submitted and RMA over the telephone tech support on Tuesday 1/2/07 and was given and RMA # and case #


RMA# R217003

Case# 48777

Name: Mike Johnson


I shipped the memory to the address the agent gave me, and I sent them overnight express through UPS tracking # 1z7r786w0174646181. I was told that I would have the new modules sent to me by overnight express as soon as Corsair recieved the defective modules.


My concern is that I never got an e-mail from the agent I talked to confirming what we talked about. I just want to make sure I will in fact get the modules sent out to me overnight express and how will I know that they have been sent if I havent got any corespondence from Corsair about it through e-mail.


When I put my case # and password into the Corsair Tech Support Express website it tells me that I should return the modules and that I will get an RMA soon, but I already have one...


So how do I check the status if I haven't gotten any e-mails and the Express option assumes I don't have an RMA yet??


Sorry if I sound impatient or paranoid, but I need this memory asap as it is out of my computer that I use for my work and I can't afford down time.


Thank you


P.S I wrote the RMA number on the outside of the package, but I didn't put any thing but the memory inside the package. After I sent them I saw on the website that I should have put my RMA # and contact information inside the package aas well. Since I didnt do that, hence, my further concern.


Update::: Sorry, I did in fact get an e-mail from Henry Silva, unfortunately I didnt check my Junk mail folder until after I wrote this post******** HOWEVER, I am still concerned because after reading the RMA instructions it says that I was suppose to put a copy of the RMA e-mail inside the package along with my adress and phone number. I didnt do that. My address is on the outside of the package, but the only thing inside is the memory. Will it be ok? I would hate for them to get my bad memory and not know who to send the new ones back to. :(

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You package was received today according to the UPS Tracking number but is not shown in our system just yet. I would suggest calling our customer service tomorrow morning at 888-222-4346 Ext "0" and ask for Henry and see if he can help you get this sorted out. But I know the parts we would need to send you are on back order. And I noticed that you only submitted one module for RMA, do you have a Twin2x set of modules and did you send both modules? If so you need to make sure that gets changed when you talk to Henry.
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Well, I called Henry like you said and he informed me, "Good News" we recieved your modules and I have already sent you out new ones. I advised him that I wanted to make sure that he understodd that although I might have indicated the wrong part number in the RMA, that the kit that I sent was the TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES, and he said that YES he knew that. So, I anxiously awaited the UPS truck. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found a single stick of CM2X1024-6400C.


The RMA that was done for this was done over the telephone with Henry and he gave me Case #48777 and RMA # R217003. I told him at that time that I was sending the TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES. I never told him or anyone else it was a single stick of CM2X. Plus when the package arrived and it was opened, would someone say, "ok, herre we have a kit of TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES, lets send him a new kit just like this one." ??? Why would I send an apple and get an orange from you?


I see that you said the kit I need replacing is on backorder and if that is the case fine, but in the mean time I would at least expect:

1. Someone to tell me you don't have that in stock and possibly offer me another option.

2. Send something as close to the kit I sent to use in the mean time.


I know henry did what he could and I appreciate the telephone support and quick replacement, but somewhere along the line there was a total breakdown in communication and Istill have a crippled computer I need to use.


Can someone please tell whomever needs to know, that the guy with RMA# R217003 that spent $35 to sent a package overnight express to Corsair that included a TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES kit needs to get replacement modules asap.


I also for some reason have RMA # 217337 and # 217424 on the same kit because I evidentally don't understand how to use the tech express page. Everytime I put in my original case number 48777, thinking I was checking status of the original RMA, I was given a new RMA#.


So, I would appreciate any help that can be given and some quality customer support so that the $400 TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES kit that I sent you doesn't get lost somewhere in the system and I end up with this 1 stcik of CM2X1024.


I want to see the LED thingy in my computer working and use the dashboard, please find the bad modules I sent you and send me new ones just like them.


I am a old school OZC guy that decided to convert to Corsair b/c I heard good things, but this is not what I expected. I would like to give these modules and Corsair a chance to win my business for many years to come since OZC has gone down the tubes s far as quality.


New TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 XMS2 XPERT SERIES MODULES kit???? Please get me one...or offer me a suitable replacement.... :confused:


Thank You

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