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Iron Chef

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I have been tweaking systems and building on to "barebone" systems for over 15 years now, but this is my first time actually doing anything with a power supply.


I bought the 620w psu after careful consideration and much research. I received it today from Newegg and my question is this...


I plugged in the ac cord, then plugged in one of the cables with a 4pin molex on it and then plugged it into my vid card.


I then turn the power switch on, expecting the power supply to power up and the fan to start spinning, but nothing happened.


Is this normal? do the mobo power cords need to be plugged in also for it to work? I was trying to just "test" the psu to make sure it works before going through the hassle of removing my old psu and installing this beauty.


Thanks for any help or advice you can offer, as i said i am still new to install/uninstall of power supplys.



P.S. my comp is a 2.5 year old work of art from Voodoo. :)

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Thanks :) I went ahead and bit the bullet and yanked out my aging Antec Noisetaker 420w and shoved in my scary new 620w bad boy! and everything went.....perfect! :) Not a single glitch!


funny thing is, it ends up the reason my old psu failed, was because of the cable job that was done on it, the molex that went to the vid card was pinched between to aluminum ridges, and it eventually worked its way to the core and BZZT! there went the psu i guess.


Everything works perfect now! :)


I have always used and heartilly reccomended Corsair RAM, for the last 12 or so years, and I am now a permanent Corsair PSU user as well.

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