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Pc6400c4D Not working on my eVGA 689i


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I just bought a set of PC6400C4D Dominator kit 2gb from Frys electronics. When I installed them and booted up I got a long beeop and the LED troubleshooter lights had a C1 error. I tried changing some bios setting after putting my old memoery back in. I changed the voltage to 2.1 ans tried the C4D again. Still same problem. I then tried it one stick at a time. One of the sticks would boot up ok, but when I took it out and tried the other, the other wouldbnt boot, smae C1 error. I tried that stick in a 4 memory slots but same reult. Do I have one bad stick or is there something I need to change in the bIOS to make it work. I have the eVGA 680i running an E6600 and ATI X1950XTX. Any suggestions?
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