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Do I have the right RAM?


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I purchesed a RAM kit (corsair VS1BGKIT400 PC3200) to add to my Dell 4600

P4 3.0 , 512MB , ATI 9600XT , Audigy.... and about a month Later It would crash to "Blue Screen" , I ram Diagnostics and it said the new ram was bad. pulled the new sticks out system posted fine.

I sent them back and got 2 new sticks, put them in worked fine for 3 weeks then begain crashing to blue screen again. pulled the new ram out and the system is fine.

Do I Have The Right RAM ? The specs seem to match, am i missing something?

when i run my system through the Ram configurer on corsairs website the value RAM dose not come up as compatible. Whats the difference?

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I did try just the new modules and the system would not post.

when I run my system through the memory configurator the value RAM does not come up as compatible.

Whats the difference between the VS512MB400 and the CMSS512MB400 modules?

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  • Corsair Employees

Value Select and System Select modules are functionally the same. However, CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems. As such, we often do not have the capability to use low cost material.


CMSS parts are guaranteed to be compatible. If there is a problem, we will work with you to fix it, or give you your money back if we can not. VS parts are guaranteed (with a lifetime warranty) to be good parts, but we do not guarantee compatibility with any particular systems. If a VS part does not work, it gets tested and either repaired or (usually) replaced with another VS part.

I expect that the VS part will work correctly in your system. And, of course, Corsair's lifetime warranty is in full effect if it does not. Our confidence of first pass success is highest, however, with CMSS parts

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