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Is Corsair crashing my Gateway M675PPR?


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I installed two VS1GSDS400 sticks and it ran fine for two weeks then total crash. Could not even get it to see any drives or boot at all. I removed the new Corsair and put the orig. 2 X DIMM 0 for a total of 512MB. Had to reinstall Windows.


I returned the Corsiar to Newegg and they sent replacements. I had no way to determine if it was one stick, both or an incompatable problem. I have seen one blog that reads the M675 has a problem with 2GB. Gateway denies that. I am reluctant to install them again. Any information you can provide will be so appreciated.


Corsair's configurator does not list Gateway M675PPR and support has not replied in several days.

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I am sorry I would not suggest using memory that is not listed for your system on our cofigurator. But according to the specifications I would suggest using DDR333 memory with this chipset.

Also I would suggest test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org to be sure and then together before you let it go to Windows.

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