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one stick of CMX 1024 went bad on me


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Purchased a supposed TwinX set from newegg about 6 months ago. The sticks do not say TwinX on them, but the box and the invoice do. Regardless, they have worked well in my system until about a week ago when things started going bad. Blue screens, registry corruption, start up programs failing, etc. Some of the blue screens pointed me towards memory. I pulled one out, still the same problem. Yanked that one and put back in the other, and everything works fine and has for the last week. Tested this one along with the other again, and same thing, huge issues. This one stick looks to be bad, the other I think is alright. Since this was considered a TwinX matched pair on your packaging, I will assume that I need to ship both. Let me know, will await RMA acknowledgment to fill out the form and proceed.


Thank you,


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Back again...

One of the replacement modules that was sent to me has gone bad. This one is worse than the last. Had the same symptoms, thats how i knew it was the ram again. Pulled one stick, everything was fine. Put the stick that was remaining in all four slots, everything detected and checked out fine. Put the one back in that was initially pulled out, in any of the four slots just to be sure, and the rig wont even boot. I would run it through memtest if i could, but with this stick in along with the good one, the computer stays on for about 10 seconds after booting then blue screens. Let me know when youve read this and I will submit the RMA.




It does seem strange to me that just after replacing that another has been lost. If more info is needed, let me know. I can add my specs here if requested.

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