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CM2X1024-6400C4 XMS6404v2.1 0647004-8


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Did you have an actual question? Are you having any problems with your memory, or are you attempting to find out what IC they use? If the former:


What CPU / FSB / Motherboard do you have?


If you have more than one stick, have you tested one stick at a time in each slot using Memtest86+?


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If the latter:


Please post the part # / version # / lot # here:


IC Inquiry Thread

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm sorry if I sounded negative. I did not know that these modules did not have Micron chips in them till after I bought them. They are going to be used in a EVGA 680i with a E6600 processor. I mostly like to know if the system with the Corsair/Promo's would clock up to 3 or more ghz.

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First thing, if you start over clocking the CPU you will need to underclock the memory no matter what memory you use to get best performance. And how high you can over clock the CPU will be determined by the core of the CPU and the PSU and MB you use. But I would suggest setting the memory Frequency at 266 Mhz and then over clock your CPU and see where it tops out, I suspect it will top out before you reach the top end of the memory!
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