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BAD Stick of RAM


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Hello, I purchased 2X 1024 Corsair XMS (CMX1024-3200C2PT) in a matched pair package from Newegg.com about 7 months ago.


My computer has been running fine, but all of a sudden it decided to stop booting, giving me memory instruction errors at startup. I first ran Memtest86 and got 100% error with no pass. I decided to try pulling one stick at a time, and sure enough I was able to isolate the errors to a single stick of my RAM. I'm running right now off of a single 1GB stick, with 0 memtest errors, and no issues whatsoever.


I tried relaxing the timings on the RAM (they are set to default, and I've done no overclocking) to no avail. I've also tried running them in single channel, which also made no difference. I'd like to get this stick of RAM replaced, please help.





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