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Problems running @ 400MHz FSB


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Hello, I have a DFI Lanparty NF3-UltraD motherboard. I have two sets of dual channel XMS ram. I have a 1GB kit (2 x 512MB) and a 512MB (2 x 256MB) kit. They are both the TwinX 3200C2 series, but just different sizes. I cannot play any game while in 400FSB. I always crash (total restart of PC) after a minute or so of play. But while in 333MHz FSB, I can play all night with no restarts. Why does this happen, and what are my options? I would really like to get two 1GB sticks, but that is rather expensive at the moment. Can I just take out one of the 256 dimms but still be in dual channel and run @ 400FSB? Thanks for any help.



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