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This can't be normal for a HX620 right?


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So I built my new system this week finally.

E6600, 8800GTX, 2gb Buffalo Select DDR2 667 RAM (until my patriot comes in), eVGA nForce 680i mobo (I know, I know).


I installed windows and it blue screened during install, rebooted and it installed fine. About 12 hours later my pc started acting up. It would not load windows 4/5 times. Would just hang after the Windows XP splash screen went away. Would not do anything, I let it sit for an hour one day.


I tried everything to no avail. I thought I had it fixed after a reinstall of Windows. It started doing it again. I was talking to my friend and he said it was most likely the PSU. I fought and fought with him about this because I knew that these PSU's have a very low RMA % and figured this was not the case.


I installed Everet Ultimate and this is what I saw:

http://www.hddvdshrine.com/voltages.JPG :bigeyes: :bigeyes:


My jaw dropped. I thought to myself, "9V? that can't be right, something is wrong". I looked at how everything was connected. 24pin ATX is tight, 8 pin to mobo is tight as well. Both PCIe plugs are plugged into the single graphics card independently. I even unplugged one and used a molex > PCIe power adaptor to make sure the card was getting correct AMPs and not forcing the psu to do something funky. No go, still reading 9.0V.


My question is this, this is wrong right? LOL. I havent gotten a multimeter on it yet (plan to tomorrow), but I highly doubt this is a software bug. Should I keep the computer off until I get a RMA? Should I RMA this through zipzoomfly or straight back to Corsair? It was purchased on 12/18/06. Any help would be appreciated!

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