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Upgrades to a SONY


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Hello, just another average joe computer user here so please pardon me if I get any terms or concepts wrong. Anyways, I have a Sony Vaio PCV-RS430G which I've kept pretty stock for some time now. I feel like it could use an upgrade to last me for a bit longer so I decided to look up info on upgrading my RAM since I mainly notice the hard drive access going nuts when I'm multitasking or gaming. Corsair's memory guide recommends the CMSS512MB-333 as the larger of the two compatible modules, but the question is can I use 4 of them or would it be better to just stick to two? I'm geting conflicting information because there are 4 banks and a maximum capacity of 2GB. Most posts I've searched through seem to recommend going with two 1GB instead of four 512MB modules if I want to upgrade to 2GB. Does Corsair make 1GB modules compatible with my computer since I did notice a post about some Sony models only able to "seeing" a certain amount of memory per memory bank. I've searched enough to know it's not recommended to mix and match size and brands. And how hard would it be to adjust the settings, I've installed memory (and other peripherals) before but never really had to mess with any settings much on my previous system. I've no qualms about going into BIOS to adjust anything as long as I get a good enough description. Thanks for any help!


Mike Leung, livingplasma at hotmail dot com

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