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Asus P5N32-SLI Premium AP Edition + 2xVS1GB667D2


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Hello Ramguy


About 1.5 week ago i bought a new pc in germany (cheaper there, lower taxes).

I live in belgium, and i bought this motherboard and two pieces of VS1GB667D2 Corsair memory, when i installed my pc, after an hour i got an bsod mention something about a proces or thread which was stopped or terminated. Since that week the amount of bsod's got bigger, and now i have a bsod every 1/4h !


I tried a couple of things which i read on the forum like changing it to 4-4-4-12 or 5-5-5-15.


I did a memtest86+ 8 times, and i did not have any error, ZERO.


What can i do ? I'm really getting desperate now, while i was writing this i got a bsod, so this is my second text


Oh yeah, i also tried to run in single channel: didn't help

tried to run with one module at a time (with both) didn't help

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Please enter the BIOS and set the DRAM voltage (Vdimm) to 2.1v


Do the issues remain? If you are passing Memtest, then the issues are to do with other hardware. Are you overclocked? Have you run Core Temp?


Please run Core Temp. What are your temperatures? Reinstall windows after the voltage raise. How does this work?



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