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Slow USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive in WXP PRO


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I have owned a Corsair USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive for the past several months. When I first bought it I was running O/S W2000 Pro, I have just upgraded to WXP PRO, since the change of O/S the Flash drive has really slowed down. Files that use to back in in several minutes are now taking 20 to 30 minutes to backup. Is there anything I can do to speed things up, it is very frustrating, any advise?


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What motherboard are you using? When you check your System Device Settings, what do you find for Universal Serial Bus Controllers? Please set down the entire Universal Serial Bus Controllers section.


Enter your BIOS, do you have "Enhanced USB 2.0" enabled? The setting might look different as different motherboards/BIOS's have different names at times and you have not set down your system specifics.


Please enter here and set down your specific hardware. This will help us to trouble-shoot your sytem.





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