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Am i having a bad memory stick?


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I purchase 1 VS1GB667D2 with a ASUS P5LD2 Motherboard this summar.

After a month later I puchase 1 VS2GBKIT667D2 so that I will have total of 3GB of ram. However, during some day of Oct, My computer suddenly can not log in to windows. The display only display black... I try to figure why. Then I found that If i remove 1 of the ram then It will work. And I also see the motherboard manul that it said it's better to put in a pair so that it can work as dual channal. Therefore, I think that was why my computer just couldn't get working. So I wait and wait until this christmas. I purchased another VS1GB677D2. I was thinking that the with 2 pairs of ram combine as 4 GB of memory everything should be fine. However I find out that it won't work. The one that won't work before is not going to work this time too. It is really weird. In BIOS it display I got 4GB of ram. However I just couldn't get into windows. Is that because there are something wrong with the ram I find I have trouble with? Please help me, thanks.:[pouts:

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