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DFI UT LANParty NF590 Sli-M2R/6 issues


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I'm not trying to imply that there is anything wrong with the RAM itself, just that DFI mother boards can't use them. I heard it from a user, and I wanted to get some sort of "official" responce from a representive from one of the two involved companies. Citing the "meaning" of XMS doesn't say much about the interaction between the DiMMs and a particular mother board.


Reguardless, I do know that be it a systemic error/weakness or just an isolated incedent, my RAM will not work. One way or another I'm RMA'ing my RAM. While I have always purchased Corsair since I built my computer 5 years ago, they're suggesting to use OCZ and I need to replace my RAM anyways.

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That's just some one who is a fan boy of another module maker trying to make them selves look better by making others look bad in my opinion!

We have tested most DFI MB's and DFI has tested most of our modules that would apply for the respective chipset with out problems is all I can tell you!

If it is the case I would look for another MB personally because no other maker seems to have that problem!


P.S. can you give me a link to that post or thread on their forum?

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In general I have noticed that DFI endorces OCZ products. I don't doubt that there is a bias. I am certain that for what ever reason these particular DiMMs do not work. If they are defective, I RMA them and get replacements. If DFI boards themselves have a bias towards OCZ products, I should get OCZ. I like Corsair modulals, but as you will see as you read the topic, I don't have the time needed to find out if it is these DiMMs or the line that my board is rejecting.


When you read it, I would like to say that my worries of overheating due to malfunction were unnessisary. Its just the way the sensor is.

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DFI's have always had problems with DRAM. I remember the TCCD issues I had with my Ultra-D SLi and friends of mine with their issues. Now the problems had nothing to do with the RAM and it took quite a long time before BIOS revisions helped (somewhat) with a more stable system. That being said, DFI's have more released BIOS's, more modded BIOS's (modded by coders who wished to deal with their issues with DRAM and their boards) than any other board manufacturer bar none.



The problem is not Corsair, or any other company that deals in Dram. The problem is not the manufacturers of the dram. The problem is that the mainboard manufacturers release products that have many issues and doubly so on newly released products. Hence the reason for revisions.

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DFI has problems with "capatibility" (I put that in quotes since it may not be the right word). I know there is nothing wrong with this line of RAM, but DFI boards are "picky". I do wonder if these particular DiMMs are faulty, but thats more of a mild curiosity. While it is rare to hear this coming from me "I don't care what the problem is as long as a solution is met." Usualy I care more for the "why," but I'm in a hurry. Thats why it may sound like I'm accuring Corsair, even though I'm not. However, after this most recent attempt at finding a solution, I'm becoming more confident that my board does not like this RAM. I'll copy and paste what I just posted on DFI's board.


I started to think that the difference in working and not working was in the DDR2 667 instead of 800 so I loaded up MemTest. The reason being that I wanted to see the speeds. One stick of 1 gig ram should not out preform one stick of 512 meg ram especialy is that 512 meg stick is made by Corsair. Well, that wasn't the case. My next phase of attack was to see which could haddle the higher HTT frequencies best. As it turns out the answer was neither. I went to http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72643 and looked at how to overclock this board, but I couldn't. Before the only "trick" was to make sure your HTT ratio multiplied by your HTT frequency was less then 1000. Is there some new or different trick I should be aware of. Also, will this little "experiment" or whatever you wish to call it be of use?


I am not doing anything else today as I am dead tired and likely to do something like increase the DRAMV to 10.8 volts.


Also, I just checked the post above mine on DFI-Street and a Corsair support representitive specificly said that the XMS2 ram is completely capatible with the LP UT nf590 {soemthing}. That was very reassuring. Sorry Ram guy, but you weren't very convincing. I'm still wondering why I'm getting a memory error on my mother boards debug display though.

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Unfortunately I don't know anyone else who have a board which would support these DiMMs. I also know that using hte same devider, that PNY RAM mentioned earlier works well at "high" frequencies, but the COrsair RAM doesn't work at all. I'm going out to get some new RAM later today.
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I suspect the problem is related to the way DFI BIOS is designed and optimized.


Since communicating with DFI engineers, i came to realized that DFI has a tendency to set their BIOS default settings quite aggressively. Secondly, despite my positive view of them, i think their test engineers are not very well organized.


Compatibility can be a problem with the default BIOS settings specifically Dram. The area that worked well so far is "Dram Drive Strength = 5" but more tests are needed to be sure.


DFI Lanparty UT NF590 M2R/G BIOS can be flaky if it's the earlier version. Have you ever seen a BIOS crash regardless of the DDR2 type or brand or ram you put in? Yeah, DFI has/had one in this board.


Simplified Specifications:

AMD X2 3800+ (Windsor) 65W

DFI Lanparty UT NF590 M2R/G (revision A1)

Corsair XMS2 DDR2 6400 Twin2x (CM2X1024-6400) - XMS6405v6.2

Dual Channel, Slot 1 & 3

PSU CoolerMaster Real Power 550W + APC UPS RS1000 (1000VA)



Here's the documented test process.


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