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Another 620HX possibly DOA?


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Hello, I just got my 620HX psu today and after installing the mobo lights went up, and when I hit the power button the fans spun for a split second. Is my 620HX DOA? I'm positive the cables went in the right place as I reinstalled my old psu and it works perfictly. And also if I want to RMA this should I send it to Corsair or where I bought it from (Directcanada.com). Btw I have a pretty top of the line system so compatability shouldn't be a problem.


Thanks, Dave.


Edit: I have done the Paperclip test and the fan in the PSU spun for a split second as with the case fans previously... Will I need to pay for this to be RMA'd? And will it take long because I am a resident of Canada and I've ordered a couple things from the States a few times and the seem to take an undisirable amount of time to get from there to here probly due to customs...

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