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PC6400 C4 EPP xpert modules


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I have 2Gb Dual Channel Xpert Modules 6400 C4.


Having run memtest and simmtester both report lots of errors.

Before RMA'ing can you tell me what the correct Voltage is as currently set on auto.


Have Asus Crosshair ROG mobo Socket AM2.


Any other things I should look at to see if problem corrects itself as only things I have problem with is online gaming, sometimes will crash after a few mins, other times hours and hours. Full Load Temps as follows: Module 1 = 38c, Module 2 = 40.1c - neither have ever exceeded 43c which I assume falls below recommended temp guide (please confirm).




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I doubt that a memory tester will be able to test these modules with out modifying the testing peramerters.

But the tested settings you can get from the link in my signature, and with this MB you need to disable legacy USB and set the memory voltage to 2.1 Volts.

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