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HX620W and two high end cards? How?


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Hey there,


I'm interested in buying the HX620W but I'm a bit worried if it has enough power for my setup?


Very soon I'm going to run a QX6700, 4 HDD's, a 8800 GTX, a 7800 GTX a Physix card, soundcard and wlan card. DVD's drives and a lot of attached USB devices of course too. (Smartcard, Mp3 player recharging, camera, joysticks etc etc!) Also I'm planning on powering 16 Fans (watercooling and case fans), 4 cathodes my water pump and a few other minor items.


So do you think there will be any problems with running that setup from the HX620w?


Best Regards.


P.S. Can you tell me which way the fan of the PSU goes around? To be more descriptive: Does the fan of the HX620W blow the cold air or does it extract the Heated Air.

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