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Twin X 2042-3500LLPRO Memtest errors


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I've been experiencing many BSOD lately which brought me to this forum. My memory is set up exactly as it should be on my Asus A8N32SLI-Deluxe motherboard. System never gets hot, Cool & Quiet disabled all latest drivers are kept up RELIGIOUSLY.


My Setup:


  • AMD Opteron 180 Dual Core
  • Asus A8N32SLI-Deluxe Motherboard with latest BIOS
  • Corsair XMS TwinX 2048-3500LLPRO memory 2 sticks Dual Channel
  • EVGA 7800GT 256MB X2 SLI
  • 2 Drives totaling 900GB
  • Creative Augity2 ZS sound
  • ATI TV Tuner 550 Pro PCI EXpress


Here is the photo of the errors from MEMTEST running more then an hour. I let it run about 10 hours the night before, but didn't get a photo of the many many errors that were listed.




What Next?

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With USB Legacy turned off and Memtest 1.65. Please help me fix this I am having gaming withdrawal. Won't let me play my games more then 5 minutes before BSOD with this almost $400 memory. :(:


I am also filling out the form in your SIG, "*NEW* Tech Support Express " right now and letting them know about this post. Case number is 46755



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All filled out, only problem I can foresee, I can't find my receipt. I just looked for an hour, all through my credit card reciepts, PayPal and my emails. I pray this will not be a problem with such a well known industry leading company. :praise:
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Any incite why this happened? Was it there the whole time then all the sudden decided to show it self? I did more testing, if I turn down the settings in my games to LOW settings I can play. I guess it's not hitting that bad spot in the memory when settings are on low?:confused:


I mainly play Battlefield 2142 at 1680X1050 with all settings high as they can go. Now there on low at 1024x768. :(: All my clan buddies telling me I should have bought value ram. What idiots??


So far (see how things turn out) you have a new costumer for life because all your excellent tech support. I must tell everyone, and stick a banner on my web site of my experiences with CORSAIR.

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When you receive the new ram you may wish to re-install your system to clear up any possible consequential issues. It may be that your errors are not coming from that bit flip error and actually are coming from a corrupted system.


If you install the new ram and still find issues remain, then I would advise a complete system re-install.


Please let us know how this works out.





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