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Error with AN8-E and Twinx1024 3200PT


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This is a really weird error that I haven't found a solution to posted anywhere. I used Memtest86 on both my memory sticks and they tested out fine at the recommended settings and 2.75 voltage. Each individual stick tested fine. The problem I am having is when I put both sticks into the motherboard. Memtest only gives me errors on Test 7 (RAndom Number Sequence). I ran it overnight and it had like 20k errors over something like 14passes, yet each individual stick had no errors over 2-4 passes. Could this be a power problem, cpu, something?


I tested it at 200Mhz (DDR 400) 3-3-3-8 at 2.75v and got the 200 or so errors on Test 7. I decided to test a theory and lowered it down to 100Mhz (DDR201) 3-3-3-8 at 2.75Mhz and got just a single error and that was at Test 7. As a side note, the system will not boot to Windows XP Professional with the RAM set to 100Mhz (DDR200), it gives a BSOD of PFN_List_Corrupt.


System is:

AMD Athlon 3700+

Twinx1024 3200PT (CMX 512-3200PT v5.1 0506024-2)

Asus AN8-E (latest bios)

500w power supply by Antec

BFG 6800 GT (latest drivers)


I also ran this test on 2 different Asus A8N-E motherboards, all in the same system with the same results.



Thanks for any help or suggestions. I'm stumped.

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Ok, turned off the "Legacy USB" and ran Memtest86.


The screen just floats in red errors. 51 Errors at 10% thru Test 7.


So wasn't a Memtest testing problem. The reason I ran memtest on the memory was because I was getting a few BSOD and a game I was play would crash to Desktop. The crashes or RAM would corrupt parts of a 3g file the game used.

Well it was like 2 BSOD a night and the corruption of the game would happen anywhere from 5min in to an hour in.


Thanks for that info tho. I'm leaning towards bad RAM since the MB is new and had the same errors in a just replaced AN8-E (which looks like it was ok).

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