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P5W DH Deluxe and Corsairpc8500c5 (again)


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I have read loads of threads relating to this subject and being a complete idiot I still cannot get my machine to run stable when I try making some of the changes. Although the ideal solution would be for Asus to come up with the solution I would like to get that bit more from the memory which at the moment sits at 5300. My System specs:


E6700 stock fan Runs at about 32/33 idle

2 x 1024 gb Corsair C8500 Ram

Evga GeForce 8800gts

Thermaltake 680w psu


I initially built the system to give me a bit mor oomph to run Microsoft FSX, and to be honest at stock settings it doesn't do a bad job.


When I change some of the settings I either get a freeze completely or the BSOD(twice)


I would be really grateful if someone could come up with some settings that will allow me to get a bit more performance.


As I said I am a complete newbie at this I don't want to compete in the overclocking world championships I just want to get that bit more performance


Cheers and hope everyone had a good christmas

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Try these settings:


Configure System Frequency/Voltage

AI Overclocking = Manual

CPU Frequency = 400

DRAM Frequency = 800MHz

Performance Mode = Auto

PCI Express Frequency = 100

PCI Clock Synchronization Mode = 33.33

  • Memory Voltage = 2.2v

  • CPU Core Voltage = Auto

  • FSB Termination Voltage = Auto

  • MCH Chipset Voltage = Auto

  • ICH Chipset Voltage = Auto


Advanced Chipset Settings


Configure DRAM by SPD = Disabled

DRAM CAS# Latency = 3

DRAM RAS# Prechardge = 3

DRAM RAs# to CAS# Delay = 3

DRAM RAS# Activate to Precharge: 12

DRAM Write recovery Time = 4


Run memtest. This DRAM can give you very tight timings. I personally would use the 1:1 (CPU:DRAM) ratio and run very tight timings.


You can raise the timings to 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 and set your DRAM to 889MHz and test with Memtest. Then you can try 1066Mhz and retest. I would not do this as I find that lower (Tighter) timings are better with 1:1 than looser timings with higher DRAM than FSB.

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Thanks for coming back to me, I will try these. Can you explain what and how the 1:1 works, or what it refers to, I have seen this in loads of posts but haven't a clue what it is. Also I only have the stock cooling fan will the cpu take an overclock like that?, albeit my case has a big plastic tube that sits above the fan to draw in cool air (Aopen Nouveu)


Thanks again

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