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Bad stick of RAM


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I'm here because I have a bad stick of RAM. I purchased the 1gb kit from Newegg early in the year because of prices even though I didn't have a current need for the RAM. When I got around to installing them a few weeks ago, I was getting random reboots and other stability problems. I decided to run memtest and immediately got all kinds of errors. I then narrowed it down by installing one stick of RAM at a time and one stick checked out perfectly fine, but the other was giving me all the errors.


Now.. Since this was the 1gb kit, how do I go about RMA'ing it? Do I RMA both sticks to get a matching set even though one stick is bad?


Please advise me on what to do next to get this resolved.



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I tried the RAM in two different systems. I first tried the RAM in a ECS NForce3-A/Sempron 3000+ 400 FSB system. I then tried it in an older Epox 8K5A+/Athlon 2400+ 266 FSB system. Same results. Random reboots and system instability with both sticks installed. The systems ran fine with the good stick of RAM, but not the bad one.


The part number for the RAM is VS512MB400. The kit is the VS1GBKIT400. The module that tests ok is 748711 and the module that I got all kinds of errors with is 748712. Not just a few errors either. As soon as memtest loaded, it was just stacking them up.


As far as RAM settings, I'm not even sure. Whatever the failsafe settings were for the motherboards.


I hope that's what you need. Let me know if you need any additional information.

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