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680i woes,


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Hi, Sorry for the long post, but I need help...


as you can see from my profile I am trying to get a matched pair of CM2X1024-8500C5D to make a total of 2GB. I have a EVGA NVidia680i and have been trying to diagnose many random issues, blue screens, lock-ups, reboots etc. Well to cut a long story short, today a memory stick seemed to give up and I get the long continous bleep from the POST check. Swapping sticks in and out seems to point to one of my sticks being defective and New Egg are replaceing it. But... when I first got this RAM I noticed that whatever I did I could not get it to run at 1067 even though the BIOS said my settings were correct, at the time I put the other stick in and hey-presto - 1067. Now (with the defective stick removed) my PC runs perfectly so I am left with two obvious answers - either I have been suffering from the defective stick all along OR it just happens to run good at 800. My question is... do these sticks have to be run in pairs? Why can I only get to 1067 if 2 sticks are installed but not just one.





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Mick I think I have answered you in another thread but these modules will run great on that MB as long as you have a 1066 FSB CPU, just load setup defaults after you install the latest bios and then set SLI Ready Memory to: CPUOC Max should be all you have to do!
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