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Hi, I've got 2x CMX512-3200XLPRO (1 Gig total) and, a couple of days ago, I started to have problems with my computer..


I keep getting a blue screen saying "IRQL_EQUAL_OR_LESS".. After recherching on google, I found out that it could either be a new device installed (nothing new installed) or a memory problem.. I tried a couple of things and found out that my problem was with one of my RAM stick..


Lets call them #1 and #2..


If I put #1 alone, everything works fine.

If I put #2 alone, beep error, nothing even shows on screen.

If I put #1 and #2, computer boots, blue screen on windows start.

If I put #2 and #1, same as putting #2 alone.. beep error, nothing shows.


Wich leads me to believe that #2 is defect. The problem is that the store I bought it from is now closed.. I'd like to have a RTA# so, PLEASE Ram Guy, help me!!! :D:




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