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Computer turns on, monitor not turning on..


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Please enter here and set down your system specifications so that we can more easily help you diagnose the issues.


Did you have other ram in this system? If so, I would insert that ram and restart your system. Enter the BIOS and "Load Default Settings". Save settings and exit. Turn the system off and remove that stick. Insert the other stick and reboot.


Please set down your hardware specs though as there might be hardware issues and I can not help without knowing the specific hardware you own.

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I have found out why the ram didnt work because it wasnt compatible with my model emachins t4511. The problem now is that when I take out the new ram and have the original ram in its original slot it, the monitor does not turn on and it does the beep for 4-5 seconds lo0ng at 2 second intervals
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I'd doublecheck to make sure the keyed ram stick is all the way down in the slot with the end swing arms fully meshed into their respective (pcb)ram notches.

I have checked thisnumerous times and it does not seem to be the problem.


Here is what it says on the little sticker of the ram:


KOREA H 0313

PC2100U - 25330 - B1

512MB DDR PC2100 CL2.5


I am not sure if I have said this but my computer is not starting up even without the new ram i bought meaning that my computer is exactly the same as it was when it worked but seemed to stop working when I put the ram in; even though it is out now.

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He has an OEM system as stated above.


Indeed. However, I was looking for the details of the motherboard, the ram that he had installed, etc. OEM does not give any real information and as such is basically useless in trouble-shooting. I asked him to look at his system and detail it. If this member looked at his mainboard he would have found the model silk screened and would have made it easier to troble shoot. It can take some work to find the OEM mainboard manufacturer to deduce the maximum DDR, etc. He did not even state the memory so I asked for a more detailed spec.


I however, have found it but he could have more easily looked. This motherboard is an FIC VG31.




Which states: 2 Slots of DDR DIMM; Up to 2GB PC2100 DDR SDRAM


As Per:




And would have allowed me to trouble shoot this system far more easily. It also would help for him to detail the new ram he was trying to install. He has now found this out but at the time, we were not quite sure what he had.

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