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What speed should I have on the memory?


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Time to build my new computer but it was 3 years ago I got the one I have today so I am a little out of the loop in the hardware market.


My question is about what memory I should by for my rig.

I am looking at the ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard.

The CPU I want is an Intel core duo whit 1066mhz fsb.

Now what memory should I buy?

The mobo supports 533/667 and 800 mhz memory bus.

I want a fast computer but I have no plans on overclocking. Then should I buy 2 pair of 533mhz memory (2*533=1066) or should I buy 2 pair of 800mhz memory because that is the maximum speed the mobo supports?


Thanks in advance :)

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If you have no plans on overclocking, then my advice would be to go with some 533MHz dram with decent timings. Or you could buy some Corsair Value Select 667, set it to 533 and your timings to 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 and Vdimm to 2.1V.


1:1 or 533:533 is really the best ratio for Core 2. You will find limited benefit from running your DRAM faster than your CPU. There are some "Canned" theoretical benchmarks (SuperPi, etc.) that will show benefit but in the real world of the system, ie. peripherals such as hard drive, optical drive, video card, sound card, etc, these theoretical benchmarks do not take accounting for and are pretty much useless.


I also would purchase the E6600 if you are going to run stock. Make use of the extra 2MB of cache and the 2.4Ghz stock speed.


That will make your stock system run very quickly. :)

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A BIG thanks to you.

I have asked in many forums but you are the first person that have giving me a good answer.


Now for a follow-up question :)


I was looking at the Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF memory’s.

They have some killer latency. Now if I am not going to overklock is there no performance gain in buying them?


How much should I overclock a system to gain the extra performance?

I have looked around the Internet and today it is almost a rule out there that you have to overclock your components.

It almost feels like the computer industry is giving us slower hardware so that we can overclock it and feel “elite”.

But that is another discussion for another day :)


I want a super fast system that will work as long as my current system have worked (over 3 years) and the ASUS Striker Extreme whit is nForce 680i chipset looks like a sure winner.

And whit an Nvidia 8800 it looks like it can’t go wrong.


Now the question is what memory should a use to complete this rig?

Maybe a can break my trend and overclock a little :)

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