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pc8500 1066 Dominator on eVGA 680i


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i have tryed everything logical in bios... fsb is at 1066 ram is posting at 1066... but once in windows cpuz among others is posting my ram at 533mhz and pc6400...


i have tried fsb linked and unlinked with ram.... when linked i had at 1:1 ratio

nothing works its epp sli ram... where is the ease? if any help i have a qx6700... just help get this working and i will be the most satisfied person in the world! please help ramguy! i just want my ram to work as intended, i have always gone with corsair <3 corsair, first ram i have ever had problem with.


http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/2576/memorytabbk4.jpg cpuz link showing... please give me somefeedback i can post whatever needed.

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