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Corsair 667MHz DDR2 With Mac Pro?


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I recently pruchased a Mac Pro Intel Xeon Computer. I wanted to upgrade the memory with at leat 2Gigs of ram. Since there is not a lot of manufacturer who are doing memory for mac computers, the one sold on the Apple website is 700$ for 2GIGs ... ouch! So Ive been recommanded to go and see what Corsair has to offer. And I could get 2Gigs for something like 300$ (2XCorsair Value Select VS1GB667D2). So I was wondering...why is it so cheap? Is it going to be compatible with my Mac Computer or I should stick with recommanded memory made for Apple for better perfomances?




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Well that's the problem, it's not listed there. Apple Mac Pro Intel Xeon

The Mac Pro systems use FB DIMM's. The Apple FB DIMM's have larger than normal finned heatsinks on the modules to deal with the heat generated on the Buffer and the airflow properties of the Mac Pro tower. Any FB DIMM will work, however longevity will be affected by temperature over time without the giant heatsinks Apple puts on its FB DIMM's.

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hi i have a mac pro 3g quad core i was looking at memory i hace pc's with corsair memory and wanted to get some for my mac???

i have 2g now wanted to add more it's 667 but i see alot of heat problem's

apple sell's thier memory for the price of a car:eek:

will the corsair memory work i also see that people say thier are alot of

ecc fault's in the memory's 3rd party:eek:

will corsair work with problem free thank's:biggrin:

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