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Please advise if my DDR26400C4 bad


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I have Twin2X2048 DDR26400C4 installed on:

Asus P5B, E6600, ATIX1900XT


Set BIOS to show 4-4-4-12 and DDR2-800, CPU and GPU at stock speeds (i.e. not overclocked)


ran fine in normal operation, but started getting more and more frequent freezes/lockups/kick to desktop in 3-d games, primarily BF2142.


Surfed forums, got Prime95 and memtest. Prime95 would give errors quite quickly, and memtest showed errors in test 4.


Surfed this forum, and found sticky advising setting mem voltage to 2.1, write to precharge delay from 10 to 15 and USB legacy disabled. Done. No errors in Prime95, and *less* problems in BF2142. However, still suffering some lockups.


Ran memtest. Gives errors with two sticks, but NOT every pass. No errors first pass, got three in test 4 on second pass. Tried both A and B dual channel slots.

No errors in 3 passes with individual sticks. in any slot.


Can rule out:

1. Swapped power supply with known good one. no change

2. Heat problems - CPU40C idle and 55 loaded. GPU 45 idle and 62 loaded. front 120mm fan, two rear 120mm fans, one side and one blowhole 80mm fans. (although ram sticks very warm to touch while swapping out between tests)

3. Completely up to date on video/sound drivers


So any advice as to next step? Could it be the ram sticks with this type of problem, or more likely mboard or chip? The only other "issue" that I've noticed is that ASUS Probe shows the Vcore voltage fluctuating between 1.13 and 1.27 volts (with either power supply)

Really like to fix this, as it's all new stuff, cost me quite a bit, and frustrating to keep getting booted from the games I'm playing.

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