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Bad Ram


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Hi RamGuy can you help please..


RAM: CMX512-3200LL X 2 (TWINX)


My main system A64 3500+ on DFI LANPARTY NF4 ultra D. I bought this ram back in 2004 and ive been using it on my main system ever since.

Two weeks ago I couldnt start my comp, it would not POST at all and I got blank screen. So I tried to start the computer using one module only on the orange slot furthest from the cpu socket. It boots with one of the module but not the other one. So I tried to put both of this corsair ram on my old system which is a P4 2.8Ghz on MSI mobo. Again the system would not post and I get blank screen.


So then I decided to use another sets of ram from my gf comp. This ram works fine with both of my systems and just to make sure I also tried to boot using each module on the orange slot furthest from CPU socket (this is DFI guide im following by the way) and both modules works fine.


I have tested both of the corsair modules over and over again and my computer would only boot with one of the module but not both or the bad module. So I assume that one of my module is bad. I did run memtest on the working module and it was fine. I cannot test the bad module as my computer would not POST with it.


Any suggestion for my problems?



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