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P4 Northwood needs a little help

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I am interested in scraping as much performance as possible out of this system and have overclocked it a little as you can see from the attached screen shots. when I bumped the CPU over 3Ghz the fsb:ram ratio jumped to 3:2. of course I have thus far only used the AI overclocking feature of my Mobo and have not set any values manualy....gladdly take any suggestions on overclocking though..





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Try these settings. By setting the dram to 266, you can find the maximum CPU overclock. Use Orthos Prime to test for stability.




Use ASUS PC ProbeII to monitor your Northwood's temperatures. Do not raise your CPU vcore higher than 1.6V and do not let the maximum core temp of your CPU reach greater than 55C.


Raise your FSB by 5MHz each time you find that your system is stable. In other words, test at 225MHz and if Orthos tests stable for an hour, then raise your FSB. When Orthos returns an error, then raise your CPU Core voltage +.1v and retest while making sure that you do not raise your CPU Core voltage higher than 1.6v and that Orthos does not raise your CPU temperature on load higher than 55C.




  • IDE Configuration (Disregard these settings if you have RAID running)
  • Onboard IDE Operate Mode: Enhanced Mode
  • Enhanced Mode Support On: S-ATA
  • Configure S-ATA as RAID: No
  • IDE Detect Time Out: 0


  • Primary HD (If you don't run a RAID)
  • Everything is at Auto except..
  • SMART Monitoring: Disabled
  • 32Bit Transfer: Enabled



  • JumperFree Configuration
  • AI Overclock Tuner: Manual
  • CPU External Frequency (Mhz): 225
  • DRAM Frequency: 266 (Forces pc2100 and will exclude the dram from the overclock, you will get to this after you find your successful CPU overclock)
  • AGP/PCI Frequency: 66.6/33.3
  • CPU Vcore Voltage: 1.50 ( Try 1.50V and raise if necessary. Prime95 will show if you need to raise the Vcore.
  • DDR Reference Voltage: Auto (Leave at "Auto" for now. When you have your overclock you can then use this to help tweak your DRAM
  • AGP VDDQ Voltage: 1.50V (This is default. I suggest you leave this at default)
  • Performance Mode: Auto (After you have defined your CPU and Dram speed, you can test this by setting it to "Turbo")


CPU Configuration:


  • CPUID Maximum Value Limit: Disabled (Default)
  • Hyper Threading Technology: Enabled (For your HT Northwood)




  • Configure DRAM Timing by SPD: Enabled
  • Memory Acceleration Mode: Enabled
  • DRAM Idle Times: 16T
  • DRAM Refresh Rate: 15.6uSec
  • Graphics Adapter Priority: AGP/PCI
  • Graphics Adapter Size: 128
  • Spread Spectrum: Disabled (Make certain you disable this)
  • MPS Revision: 1.4


Onboard Devices Configuration: (Disable serial, parallel ports if you do not make use of them)


  • Onboard AC'97 Audio: Auto (Disable if you use a PCI sound card)
  • Onboard LAN: Enabled (Disable if you use a PCI NIC)
  • Onboard LAN Boot ROM: Disabled
  • Onboard Floppy Controller: Enabled (Disable if you do not use a floppy)




  • Plug And Play O/S: No (Only set this to Yes when Installing your OS)
  • PCI Latency Timer: Leave at Default
  • Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA: Yes (This is important)
  • Palette Snooping: Disabled
  • PCI IDE BusMaster: Enabled


USB Configuration:


  • USB Function: (Set this to how many USB ports you actually use)
  • Legacy USB Support: Disabled (Unless you use a USB Keyboard/Mouse and disable when using Memtest)
  • USB 2.0 Controller: Enabled


  • Instant Music Configuration: Disabled




  • Suspend Mode: Auto
  • Repost Video on S3 Resume: No (Unless your Video is garbled when coming out of standby)
  • ACPI 2.0 Support: No
  • ACPI APIC Support: Enabled
  • Bios->AML ACPI Table: Enabled


APM Configuration:


  • Power Management/APM: Disabled
  • Power Button Mode: On/Off
  • Restore on AC PowerLoss: Power Off
  • Everything else under here is disabled by default


  • Hardware Monitor (Take note of your temps and voltages)
  • Q-Fan Control: Disabled (If you use a Cooling Device that does not make use of this feature, Enabled if you use the stock fan/heatsink assembly)




  • Boot Settings Configuration
  • Quick Boot: Enabled
  • Full Screen Logo: Disabled
  • Add On ROM Display Mode: Force BIOS
  • Bootup Num-Lock: On
  • PS/2 Mouse Support: Disabled (Enable if you use a PS2 mouse)
  • Typmatic Rate: Fast
  • Boot to OS/2: No
  • Wait For "F1" If Error: Enabled
  • Hit "DEL" Message Display: Enabled


Post your results back please :)

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