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CMX512-3200C2PT vs. CMX512R-3200C2PT


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I recently purchased 2 sticks of RAM online advertised to be CMX512-3200C2PT, but they were in fact CMX512R-3200C2PT. The ad stated that it was registered memory, but I used the memory guide on the Corsair website to find that CMX512-3200C2PT was compatible with my board (so I thought the registered part was a misprint). I'm running a socket 939 NF4-Ultra board and, needless to say, these wont work for me.

I know that my issue is with the person who sold these to me, but I would really like a pair of CMX512-3200C2PT. Is it possible to swap these with Corsair directly, or is there a forum for Corsair customers to trade memory? I really would rather not simply return these because I got a good deal and would just like the non-reg equivalent.

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