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Big Problem with Recived RAM replacment


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Hey all,


I received my replacement RAM the other day from corsair, and have only recived one stick, even though I sent them two, and stated in the RMA that I would send two. This is a really bad mess up on Corsair's behalf and is causing problems here, since I intended to have a computer running on 1 gig ram for xmas.


I have sent a e-mail to support and got a reply asking for the tracking number, i sent it to them about 3 days ago and have not yet heard back.


The one ram stick I have received is of the type I was after, it is just only 1/2 of what I wanted.


PLEASE can someone find out what happened, and send me the 2nd stick. If someone want's more personal details, feel free to PM me.


RMA# R209852

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I submitted to return the 2 memory modules, even though the one was faulty. I said I would send 2 sticks back so I can use dual channel.


This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to corsair about sending 2 sticks, and changing the address and their reply.





Hi Ashley,


Our apologies for the delay in correspondence.


We have updated our records to reflect the address below.


We do recommend returning both modules in a twin set to ensure that both

products will be identical.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!




Melissa Duffy

Customer Service Manager

Corsair Memory

510-979-3211 ~ tele

510-743-1188 ~ fax


http://www.corsairmemory.com - Home Page

http://www.asktheramguy.com - Help Forum


-----Original Message-----

From: Ashley Waters [mailto:################]

Sent: Friday, December 01, 2006 7:57 PM

To: warranty@corsairmemory.com

Subject: Changes wanted to RMA# R209852




I already put an e-mail in, but did not get a response. I would like to

check the changes have been made.


In case you did not get them, here is what I am asking.


Firstly, Is it possible for you to change to return address (address you


will use when sending it back to me) to:








That is a safer address to deliver to. The address I supplied you has

not been too great with delivery's, some coming through damaged or me

having to go across the city to get it.


Another change, I bought the memory as a Dual Channel kit, 2x512mb. Only


the one stick is faulty. Should I send them both back to make sure I get


a matched pair, or can you safely say you can replace it with an almost

identical piece?


I will send the package off ASAP, I want to have it gone by Tuesday, if

I do not get a reply by then, I will send both sticks.


Sorry for any inconvenience, Thank you






I have removed the delivery address and e-mail for privacy reasons, if you wish, I can forward a copy of the e-mail to you VIA e-mail.


The memory was sent to the new address instead of the one stated in the RMA, so someone definatly made the changes.


I do not like your approach of telling me to ring an international number (I live in the UK) to amend a mistake you made. It must have been obvious that if you recive two sticks that you send two back!


In the mean time, I NEED you to tell me if I can open the memory you have sent me, since I have a computer which is unable to function at ALL without it.

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  • Corsair Employees

They should have called you by now!




Edit: I just spoke to another person and they will call you shortly if it has not been done already.

2nd Edit: I just spoke to Kim and she told me the phone number we have for you is not working for some reason and I asked her to send you an email ASAP!

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You filled out your RMA request for a quantity of one that is why you got one module back!

Please call them at 888-222-4346 and dial "0"!


Hmm. If I selected that on page (B) of the RMA request form, I can't page (B), and I don't see anywhere where I explicitly said that I was only going to return 1 DIMM -- I just did what I was recommended by the form, but again, I don't remember agreeing to only send one DIMM. I was afraid (probably unwarranted) that there would be a problem if I didn't send them both back and ended up with two DIMMs that didn't like working together. Unlikely, but you never know.


Anyway, thanks for the phone number -- I left a message (which I did the other day, too) and hopefully I will get this straightened out.





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Please just keep calling them they will help you get this sorted out!


I did. I spoke to a nice lady Friday afternoon who took my USPS delivery / tracking number, and then promptly disappeared back into the black hole of technical support. She said she would call me back...I'll give it another day or so before I call again.

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So I _still_ haven't heard anything (although I was not expecting anyone to call today :-). No email, no phone calls, and I'm still missing my other 1GB of RAM :-( Well, I am _pretty_ sure that we haven't missed a phone call, but our son did manage to erase all the messages off our answering machine while pressing random buttons the other day...
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I am sorry I can’t check it for you right now, please bump this in the morning and I will check for you or call our customer service at 510-657-8747 or 888-222-4346 Ext "0".


No worries. It's been straightened out. I just received an email from technical support notifying me that my other DIMM was found and is being shipped back.


Thank you very much for all the help! :-)





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