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Dominoes effect? a very complex thread


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Gretings I have a complex threat here, my PC had 1 GB of ram (TWINX2X1024A-6400 DDR2 2x512MB 800MHz) they seem work fine, somtimes windows hang before star but after rebbot the PC works fine (thoug was a windows configuration problem), I buy another GB and up to 2 GB the system, the PC works fine about 1 hour and crash, then the PC didn't star (no video), I put out the 2 new memory modules an the PC boot, I test the modules 1 by 1, and 1 work and the other 1 not, I test the "bad" module on a freind PC and didn't work there, well I put my case (40391) and I recive the RMA, but here the trick part, in the meanwhile after put out the bad modules, every time I turn on the PC do not boot, I press the modules and boot againg, later push the modules was not good enough, so I put out and in the modules and work for a while until the PC did not boot anymore, I test each module and the system start againg but together didn't work :confused: , againg I test on my friend PC and 1 module boot and other not, I test both modules on my friend PC and boot but the video looks buggy with verlical lines across the monitor and other ascii char on the screen, conclution another bad module, my question is, can a bad module damage another one of the other pair (dominoes effect), now I had 2 bad modules and 2 good ones but from diferent lot, right now my PC working with 1 GB (the 2 good modules) and seem no had problems, so my second question is; can I send the 2 bad modules withd the RMA that I recive or I need send the 4 modules, if is so I can use this RMA for the 4 modules or I need a second RMA for the second failure. Looks like I gonna run out of memory :[pouts: :mad:
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