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How to fix Corsair with P5N32-E sli


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Hey guys and girls. :p:


Here is a story from Denmark and the endavors of 2 Corsair sticks and a Asus P5N32-E sli motherboard.



This christmas i wanted to spoil myself. So I orderd a Asus 8800GTX, E6600, CorsairTwinx 2 x 1024 MB 6400C4 sticks. And the brandnew Asus-board P5N32-E sli.

I wanted the mobo because there was around 0.5% chance i wuld ever get a second 8800GTX (for SLI) before i upgrade again in 2-3 years time. And by then a single card probably outperforms multiple 8800GTx'es anyway. :roll:



Mobo and Cpu comes first. The ram and gfx-card a week later. I assemble it all an wuhuuu it boots. In the first try i might add. No missing wire or anything that I ussually forget. :laughing:



Phone the Windows-activation lady, update, install drivers, update bios etc.




Point of no return ...

Then I install the game Oblivion. If something can test my new 8800GTX it must be that. But what happens? BSOD BSOD over and over. Must be the game i think. But World of Warcraft - same thing - argh. I spent 5 hours assembling and installng in a good mood and now this? :confused: :confused:



So basicly I had a über-machine running windows desktop STABLE! I culd play desktop for hours - without problems - just pretty boring after a while. Even o/c'ed to 3.4 Ghz and desktop was rock-solid. :D:

But did I just as much as look in a direction of a game that might want use a fraction of my ram - then instant BSOD! :laughing:



So what do i do? I collect as much info from RAM-guy (use his timings, volts etc.) and read other troubled P5N32 owners and do a memtest (wich ofcourse fails because the mobo is utter crap). Very depressing to search google, asus- and corsair-forums for problems concerning P5N32-E sli. :sigh!:



I then realize I can spend my hole christmas-holliday troublesooting and beeing grumpy at friends, family and wife because I spent 2 months allowance on crap. Thats just not worth it. So I figure its either the mobo or the ram that blows. But knowing 680i is the newest thing to hit the asus-shop and Corsair have made me stable ram before. I decide to ditch the P5N32-E SLI.



I then instantly call my hardware-pusher, tell him his store rox and he provide the best service I know. Then I tell him the motherboard is utter crap, gets hot, spends 50 watts to much power + it drops my USB mouse every reboot. (My cat behind me, in the couch, have seen my rear end multiple times crawling down under the table cursing the mobo and mouse).


Home i bring a brandnew Asus P5W DH deluxe. Install it all again.



Conclusion / Status as of now

-Memtest cannot repeat the errors it found on the P5N32-E SLI mobo.

-Corsair TwinX 2x1024 6400C4 runing at 450+ mhz 4-4-4-12 for 5 hours now.

-Oblivion, WoW ec. runs smoother than a babys skin without BSOD.

-Not a single freeze in bios.

-No USB-devices drop out. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

-55 watts less draw on my power-outlett.

-11800 3Dmark06 score :sunglasse

-Happy wife.

-I can spend thursday buying chistmas gifts instead of troubleshooting.


What shuld you learn from this?

Well ask yourself. Do you need a nvidia chipset for your core2duo? Will you ever use SLI? Do you want to wait 2-12+ weeks for Asus and Nvidia to ironout all the bugs? By then - who know - maybe a new revison of the board comes out because bios-updates alone cant fix the issues...



Just my story and my thoughts. Kudos to Corsair for great ram.


Christopher - Denmark

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I work in the industry and there is a return issue rate on Nvidia chipsets being far greater than Intel chipset issue rates. I have worked in the industry for 20 years, am a board level trained technician who now works in the IT industry, although I keep my hands involved in the hardware aspect. There just is not enough money in that arena, hence the move to university and IT.


I say "Far" as meaning 10% or higher. I understand that some wish to use SLi and thus have to work with Nvidia chipsets but for any other reason there just is no logical mind healthy reason to go with Nvidia.

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Hi SkyQuake


Thanks so much for your story!


I have this same memory and the P5N32-E SLI.

Have had many, many problems

I just RMA the mobo back to newegg.


I might just go get a P5W DH Deluxe today at my local computer store.

Great suggestion!

I do not plan to use SLI.

Just wanted to get a mobo that is easy to O/C my E6600 to 3.2g or 3.6g


When I receive my replacement P5N32-E, I think I will sell it to a 'friend'



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