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Pretty sure I have a bad module...


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But I may be doing something wrong.


First off, this is a fresh build with the following equipment:

- EVGA nForce 680 motherboard

- OCZ GameXStream 750W PSU

- Intel Core2 Extreme CPU

- Geforce 8800 GTX graphics

- A pair of Corsair XMS2 TWINX2048-8500C5 modules


Everything installed OK, but on the first boot (with both modules installed in dual channel setup) I got POST code C1 which is memory presence detect error. I was unable to even get into the BIOS to check the voltages but I would assume it was all set to SPD defaults.


Removing one of the two modules yielded the same result, but swapping to the other module I was able to get booted up.


First thing I did when booting was go into the BIOS and change everything to the values on the RAM spec sheet (5-5-5-15-2T and 2.2 volts) After doing that, I plugged the second module back in and everything booted.


I got the OS installed but was getting frequent BSODs and the whole incident with the RAM at build time made me suspicious, so I loaded up memtest. One pass completed successfully, so I let it run overnight, and the next morning when I woke up there were 7000+ errors, all in the >1024MB address space (so presumably on the second memory module)


I yanked out the second module and ran memtest on the first by itself. Did not have time for the 8 hour marathon test but 2 passes completed OK.


I yanked the first module and put the second module back in, intending to test it by itself, but the system wouldn't POST (error C1 again)


Pretty sure this means my second module is bad, what do you think?

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