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Problem with TWIN2X2048-pc8500


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Hey, I've been having problems with my new build.



Asus P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard

Core2Duo e6600 2.4Ghz

ATI X1800XT 512mb

PSU Ultra 550W


As for the ram, I wanted to put in 4 Sticks, XMS2 Twin2X2048-pc8500, and Twin2x1024-pc8500 to make 3Gb total. However, even though the motherboard supports the 1066ghz ram, I am having problems with the ram. The system keeps rebooting. I took it to a tech center and they tried putting in 3GB of XMS2 pc6400 ram and the computer works fine. 1 GB of the XMS2 pc-8500 works as well but anything more then 1GB with the pc8500 and the computer keeps rebooting. 1Gb of pc-8500 will not too useful for my needs. They have tested it with a more powerful PSU as well and there was the same outcome with the rebooting.


Any Ideas of what could be the problem?

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I think you may have been looking at the CPU spec not the memory spec this MB suggests DDR667 for the memory and it will run DDR800 with 2 modules but with 4 I would suggest DDR667 because of loading on the memory controller.
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