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Wobbly USB stick


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I have a 1 GB Flash Voyager, which was a replacement for a previous one which died (it would randomly disengage from and then re-engage with my PCs and laptop).


However, it now has a very wobbly 'head' and I'm worried that it's now on its way out. By "wobbly 'head'" I mean that the portion of the USB stick that is inserted into the PC's USB port is now decidedly wobbly and I'm worried that it will snap off one of these days.


Is this natural? I mean I know that the body is rubber but I didn't think that this bit was meant to hinge. It certainly doesn't on my wife's Corsair Flash drive. And I can't see how I might have abused it. It sits in my bag, in its own pocket, with the cap on to and from work each day, and when at work or home sits plugged into a USB port.


Your advice please, or should I just head over to pick up another RMA? Thanks.


Gareth J M Saunders

Scotland, UK

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