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Possible Bad module ...what next?


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I have the corsair twinx2048-3200c2pt 2GB kit and it has worked fine since i bought in Jan of this year. But the other nite got an event on computer that locked up then would not reboot. Kept getting a STOP from XP with the ACPI.SYS being identified. MB reports the full 2GB as being ok but operating system will not boot .....does the corrupt Windows/....../System file thing. Had my old pc3200 500MB pair of memory sticks, so I put them in and system booted just fine, so I put first one then the other 1GB sticks into system, one allows the computer to boot, the other just keeps beeping. So I suspect that the one that won't allow boot to be bad ...what now? Do i have to send both back or just the bad one?
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