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P5B-E Twin 2*1024 PC 5400 C4


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So now my whole story. Yesterday I changed my mainboard to an Asus P5B-E and i'm not able to

get my ram (Twin2*1024PC5400 C4) working.

I have to say that i will overclock my system in order to get the ram working at 667MHZ!

Before i changed the mainboard i had an asus p5wd2 and the ram works fine.


More precisely:


I built in the new mainboard and booted up for the first time!

Changed the FSB to 166MHZ what also will result in an RAm Frequency of 667Mhz!

Then next reboot nothing happend. The screen stayed black and even there was no beep at bootup. All

other components (CPU Cooler...) seem to work.


I tried a lot of stuff eg lower Timings, higher voltage, no legacy usb an so on, but no success!



The system will not run with a ram frequency higher than 400!

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DDR2 Memory runs at:

DDR2-533 = 266 Clock Frequency 2 X 266 = DDR2 533

DDR2-667 = 333 Clock Frequency 2 X 333 = DDR2 667

DDR2-800 = 400 Clock Frequency 2 X 400 = DDR2 800

DDR2-1066 = 533Clock Frequency 2 X 533 = DDR2 1066


Intel CPU:

533 MHz = 133 MHz Clock Freq. 133 X 4

800 MHz = 200 MHz Clock Freq. 200 X 4

1066 MHz = 266 MHz Clock Freq. 266 x 4

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